Q: How will I know if my claim is covered by my policy?
A: Please refer to your policy booklet along with your schedule of cover before ringing to report your claim

Wherever possible, we will let you know during your first call whether your claim is covered by your policy.

Q: How can I cancel my policy?
A: We are sorry to hear that you are thinking of leaving us. If you would like to cancel your policy, please call us on 01423 504689.

Q: Is my policy ‘new-for-old’?
A: Yes, your policy is one of ‘reinstatement’ or ‘new-for-old’. This means that items will be replaced with the new equivalent without any deduction for ‘wear and tear’.

For example, if you have damaged a 5-year-old television, we will replace it with the latest available equivalent model.

Please look at your policy wording for more exclusions and further info.

Q: Will my premium increase at the next renewal date if I make a claim?
A: Claims under your policy could result in an increased premium at the next renewal date. This depends on the number, type and value of claims you make. Our premiums are calculated individually and you will be notified in advance of the renewal date.

Q: Are the contents of my garage covered?
A: The contents of your garage are covered under your contents policy providing your contents sum insured is sufficient to include them

Q: Do I get a refund if I cancel my home policy?
A: You may have a statutory right to cancel a policy you take out through us within a short period of time. Please refer to your policy documentation for further details.

If you cancel within the statutory cancellation period you will receive a pro rata refund of premium. Fees and charges may be applied.

Q: I am moving home soon, should I get a new policy or can you change on my current policy?
A: If you are changing address, please call us on 01423 504689 so we can change your existing policy.

Q: What questions will I be asked when I call to register my claim?
A: If you are unlucky enough to suffer a loss or damage to your property or its contents, you should report this as soon as reasonably possible.

You will be asked what happened, when, and what action you’ve taken so far. Following this you’ll be asked what you are claiming for and the approximate cost(s) involved.

Q: What is a Policy Excess?
A: This is the part of each claim that you agree to pay – we cover you for the remaining amount.

We will deduct the amount of the Policy Excess from the settlement of your claim, or alternatively our appointed specialist or supplier will collect this amount from you on our behalf.

Further information on the excess amounts can be found in your policy schedule.

Q: Is a bicycle theft covered by my contents insurance?
A: Your bicycles will be covered under Contents cover as standard but only while inside your home or its boundaries (loss of bicycles in the garden are excluded and limits apply for theft from outbuildings).

Q: How do I change the correspondence address for my home insurance policy?
A: If you would like to amend your policy, please call 01423 504689 or alternatively log onto our website www.ncionline.co.uk

Q: Is my garage covered?
A: Garages, sheds and outbuildings used for domestic purposes, that are on your land are covered under your buildings policy.

Q: Is my TV a valuable?
A: No, our definition of Valuables doesn’t include TV, Video or Audio equipment irrespective of its value.

We define valuables as items such as jewellery, watches, works of art and precious metals etc.

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