Car maintenance – what should I do to prevent car breakdown?

Date posted: September 3, 2012

Although many drivers are up to scratch on their car maintenance checks, there are a large number of motorists who are still unsure about the basic car checkups they should take in order to prevent breakdown, particularly those who have just passed and are completely new to the road. We’ve put together a list of basic car checkups that you should apply on a routinely basis.
1) Your basic car maintenance

Basic checkups and changes including oil change and engine tune up are an important activity to help avoid car breakdown. You should also keep an ear out for any obscure noises that your car is making while in motion; if you notice something is not quite right then you should sort the problem out as soon as possible.

2) Check your tyres – daily/weekly

Check your tyres regularly, in search of any pressure reduction or damage. You should check your tyre inflation pressure weekly in order to ensure that each tyre has sufficient amount of air; insufficient amounts of air can lead to a tyre blowout. Replace a tyre if the tread appears worn or reaches the tyre wear indicator limit.

3) Check brake fluid – monthly

In order to prevent your brakes from losing braking effectiveness you should check your brake fluid on a monthly basis, ensuring there are sufficient amounts.

4) Check all belts – monthly

You should check all belts, in search of looseness and cracks. Always replace the belt if you find it in bad condition, otherwise worn belts can lead to breakage, therefore leading to engine overheating or a dead battery.

5) Clean battery terminals – every other month

Clean battery terminals every two months in order to get rid of any sticky residue or dirt. Check that the battery has sufficient amount of fluid; insufficient amounts could lead to battery drainage or battery overheating.

6) Check power steering fluid – every other month

Make sure there are sufficient amounts of power steering fluid; if levels have decreased then there’s probably a leak which you’ll need to sort out, otherwise this could cause a nasty accident when driving at high speeds.

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