Did you know that clutter in the boot wastes fuel?

Date posted: January 11, 2013

Research has shown that almost a quarter of British drivers admit to using their car boot as permanent storage space. Little do they know how much it’s affecting their fuel tank!

According to research carried out by YouGov by Shell, almost a quarter (22 per cent) of UK drivers use their car boot as permanent storage space. Believe it or not, carrying extra weight in the boot of your car can affect fuel efficiency the research revealed, meaning motorists are carrying around items in their car unnecessarily and wasting fuel at the same time.

Statistics show that 32% of respondents keep more than five items in the car boot. The top five items include:

  • Tools (43%)
  • Wellington boots and outdoor clothing (27%)
  • Gym bag, sports equipment and accessories (11%)
  • Baby equipment (9%)
  • Additional footwear (9%)

So, if you’re a common-hoarder aiming to be a little more fuel-efficient then it’s important to keep this in mind!

Despite the statistics, three quarters of survey respondents admitted that they would change the way they drive if it means they could cut the cost of their fuel bills.

In a bid to spread to the word about how motorists can save fuel, Shell has launched a campaign called Target One Million to help drivers reduce their motoring costs. The campaign involves a series of interactive mini-games designed to education motorists about ways they can save fuel.

Shell’s FuelSave ambassador, Quentin Willson, said: “It’s amazing that so many of us are carrying around unnecessary items in our boots, meaning we’re wasting fuel and money every time we drive. The Target One Million mini-games are a fun and quick way for British drivers to learn how to drive more efficiently and reduce their fuel costs. Saving fuel can be really easy once you know how.”

The first game, named the Shell FuelSave Challenge, is currently available on Shell’s website: www.shell.co.uk/targetonemillion.

It has been reported that more games will be released over the course of the new few months.

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