Motorcyclists fight ‘unfair’ traffic enforcement

Date posted: February 12, 2013

A motorcycle group, dedicated to fighting ‘unfair’ parking tickets and charges, have been riding around the streets of London in order to warn drivers and motorcyclists of the presence of council CCTV cars and a potential fine if they happen to break the rules.

Motorcyclists fight ‘unfair’ traffic enforcement

Picture from The Telegraph

The masked motorcyclists, who look rather scary on the eye, venture onto the streets of London with signs that warn motorists of CCTV camera to avoid ‘unfair’ parking charges. The group, named NoTo Mob, lead every day lives during the week, but do their bit for their community every Saturday, using walkie-talkies to communicate with one another.

The group has said that motorists often pull over, wave or give thumbs up in gratitude of their help.

One of the NoTo Mob riders, Graeme, says, “There are 22 mobile enforcement vehicles within four miles of Charing Cross.




“We know where they go, they’re creatures of habit.”

According to The Telegraph, “The NoTo Mob isn’t opposed to parking enforcement. It’s opposed to what it sees an unfair parking enforcement. The group targets “honey pots” – high-ticket areas with confusing road markings or unclear signs where the CCTV cars are most likely to operate.”

Graeme explains: “These honey pots can result in the same driver caught five days on the trot. The first they know about it is when they get the fine through the post. We have to have parking enforcement. But it has to be fair and in proportion.”

Another rider, Steve Brown, added: “When we turn up to warn motorists, the CCTV cars often run back to their base and won’t come out to play.

“Everyone’s tired of these services being contracted to private companies, local authorities don’t seem accountable. We’re just a group of like-minded individuals giving our time voluntarily. It’s people power.”

You can join the parking debate at

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