Top causes of vehicle breakdown

Date posted: February 19, 2013

The thought of an unexpected break down is a thought feared by most drivers; although some car breakdown problems are completely unavoidable, there’s plenty of precautions you can take to prevent vehicle breakdown. We’ve listed the top causes of car breakdown and how you can avoid them.

Flat battery

Flat batteries are accountable for a large number of car breakdowns. In fact, a faulty or flat battery is the number one reason why most car breakdown companies such as Rescuemycar get called out.

In order to avoid getting a flat battery, check your battery every month or so and every week in winter. Carry some jump leads with you so that you’re fully prepared should you happen to experience a spat of battery bother.

Flat tyres

General wear and tear is accountable for flat tyres and blowouts, which can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you haven’t got a spare tyre! Always carry a spare tyre with you for situations like this and check your tyre pressure and tyre tread on a regular basis.

When checking your tyres, look out for anything embedded into the tyre treads such as nails or glass which shouldn’t be there in order to avoid a full tyre puncture.

Running out of fuel

Unfortunately, this does happen quite a lot and the only way to avoid this from happening is to make sure you keep your tank topped up at all times! Try to keep at least a quarter of a tank so that you’ll always have enough to make it to the nearest petrol station.

Breaking down due to filling a vehicle with the wrong fuel is actually quite common too! Rescuemycar offers misfuelling cover, designed to save you the hassle and the money of recovering your vehicle.

Where are the keys?

Leaving the keys in the locked car or losing keys altogether is another common cause for vehicle breakdown callouts. If you’ve lost your keys then you’ll need to call a vehicle locksmith but if you’ve left your keys in your car then Rescuemycar can help.

Breakdown cover

Take out breakdown cover on your car, motorcycle or van with and you’ll be joining one of the UK’s largest networks of breakdown specialists, with over 4000 independent breakdown recovery experts operating nationwide. Contact us for more information or get a quote now!

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