Top tips for new drivers

Date posted: February 26, 2013

Whether you’re a newly-insured driver who’s just passed their test or a licence-holder that hasn’t hit the road in many a year, it’s important that you’re feeling confident behind the wheel. Rescuemycar have put together some top tips for new drivers who are inexperienced but keen to get straight onto the road.

Preparing your vehicle

Before hitting the wheel, you’ll need to make sure you’re fully insured on the vehicle you’re planning to drive. Rescuemycar offer cheap car insurance and provide policies for all makes and models of cars. Get a quote and buy your car insurance online in minutes if you haven’t already!

If you’ve just passed, you may be wondering whether to display those green ‘P’ plates on your vehicle or not. Although it’s not compulsory, it is quite a good idea to display ‘P’ plates on your car to notify other drivers that you’re new to the road.

Keep a road atlas in the car in case you happen to get lost on your travels. You should also carry breakdown essentials in the event of a sudden car breakdown.

Make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive and of course has passed its MOT.

Preparing yourself

Before heading out for a drive, make sure you feel completely up to it; tiredness and fatigue can seriously hinder your safety and the safety of other road users, as you may not be giving the road your full attention.

After passing your test it will be strange to find an empty passenger seat, so take someone with you the first time you drive for extra support. Drive around areas that you’re familiar with until you feel confident enough that you can drive on your own. When you do drive on your own for the first time to continue to build your confidence, and remain driving around areas that you know – don’t challenge yourself to long journeys or travelling to parts of the country that you’ve never been before!

When you start to gain confidence, remember that you should drive like you own the car, not the road! Stick to test rules and stick within speed limits at all times; although this seems like an obvious point, too many drivers forget what they learnt in their test and soon pick up bad habits. Drive in a way that suits your ability and the traffic conditions. If you begin to feel tried on a journey then take a rest break to restore your alertness.

Try to refrain from turning on the radio or playing music in your car, as this can act as a distraction and is not recommended for new drivers; this doesn’t mean you can’t ever listen to the radio, just when you are feeling confident enough that you can listen to the radio whilst giving the road your full attention. You should also keep your mobile phone hidden away in the back or in your bag so that you are not tempted to retrieve a call or text message should you receive one.

Keep space from aggressive drivers or those who you believe to be driving inappropriately. With this in mind, don’t let their actions reflect on your emotions; road rage and driver frustration is seriously dangerous, as you’re no longer paying full attention to the road. Instead, keep a safe distance away or take an alternative route so that you don’t get wound up or frustrated.

Consider advanced driver training if you’re inexperienced and would like some more help with driving on motorways and much more.


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