Improving your fuel economy

Date posted: March 7, 2013

Compared to our European neighbours, Britain’s petrol prices remain high and constantly rising, with the plunging pound pushing the cost of filling up the tank of a typical car to almost a fiver more than several weeks ago. But don’t fret; you can help cut those fuel costs with a few simple tips from Rescuemycar.

Here are some very simple, yet very key tips on how to drive economically by reducing the fuel consumption of the engine:

  • Slow down. Although you should always be sticking to speed limits anyway, refraining from putting intense pressure on the engine will help reduce fuel consumption. Drive safely and slow down!
  • Have a clear out. Get rid of any unnecessary weight in the car, as heavy loads will only put more strain on the vehicle which will in turn, lead to higher fuel consumption. Have a clear out of the boot and remove any roof racks that you aren’t looking to use anytime soon.
  • Share journeys. Share journeys with friends, family and colleagues whenever you can in order to save on fuel.
  • Turn off the engine whilst waiting. If you’re stuck at a rail crossing or in traffic for a long period of time then turn off the vehicle’s engine to give it a bit of a break and to preserve fuel.
  • Find the shortest route to your destination. Cut your journeys in half by sourcing the shortest route, which will make your journey far more economic than if you were to take the scenic route.
  • Keep air con to a minimum. If you want to drive economically, keep the air con to a minimum in order to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Plan one big trip. If you have lots to do in one day then consider making one long trip as opposed to several shorter ones.
  • Drive steady. Try to drive smoothly and at a steady speed; braking and accelerating regularly will reduce the number of miles per litre the car can clock up.
  • Keep up on car maintenance. Regularly check your tyre pressure; this not only improves the safety and performance of the tyres, but also keeps the car running at the optimum fuel efficiency.

Looking for breakdown cover?

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