David Cameron: we will scrap fuel duty increases and Government “got to do more”

Date posted: April 23, 2013

“David Cameron is drawing up plans to help motorists with tax breaks or subsidies for “really fuel efficient” cars – and a further block on futures rises in duty on petrol,” reveals The Telegraph.

Government “got to do more”

David Cameron urged that the Government must do more to boost the spread of the next generation of electric hybrid cars, especially since they are becoming more realistic alternatives to traditional vehicles.

The Prime Minister also vowed to “keep going” to scrap planned fuel duty rises during the local election campaign in Derbyshire just yesterday (April 22).

“We’ve still got to do more to encourage really fuel efficient cars,” Cameron said. “We’ve got to make sure the new generation of electric, hybrid cars come through.

“They are beginning to produce electric cars that can go a serious distance and actually then you are paying £5 or £10 a week to charge them, rather than a really high price at the pumps.”

Living in Britain, a general concern

“It is now understood to be unlikely that there will be any duty rises before the next general election in 2015, unless petrol prices fall sharply,” reports suggest.

The key political issue highlighted by Mr Cameron is now the soaring cost of living in Britain and so, will focus on measures to tackle this in the run-up to the next election.

Statistics are said to be released this week which will show that economic growth is slowly increasing, “However, there is a concern among Conservative strategists that voters will not notice the economic recovery as the cost of living continues to rise, while wages stagnate,” the Telegraph explains.

David Cameron said: “The truth is, this, when we got in, the previous government had set out a whole lot of plans for fuel duty increases. It was like a whole lot of unexploded bombs which we have had to try and defuse.”

“We have cancelled and delayed almost all of these fuel duty increases. We even cut fuel duty on one occasion. We will keep going to try and keep those fuel duty increases off, recognising that it is the really big bills that people really care about and want help with.”

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