Keeping Cool in the Car this Summer

Date posted: June 24, 2013

Summer is a great time to get out and about and go on a few road trips with your family or friends. However, depending on where you’re going and how good your car is a summer trip can be a stuffy experience that leaves you sweaty and irritable. Here are a few tips to help you keep cool while driving this summer.

Plan your day accordingly
Make a schedule of what you want to visit and where you plan to travel to. Stray away from driving when the day is at its hottest and use this time to visit any attractions or stop off for some lunch or a snack break.

Come prepared
Take a cool box with some freezer blocks in and keep a good supply of water with you in the car. Freezing water in bottles before you leave for your journey can be a good quick fix if you’re feeling a little hot.

If you’re driving in a new area, or new country, take a supply of paper maps as well as your GPS. Whilst GPS can be convenient, it can also easily run out of battery or lead you down the wrong path. Getting stranded in a strange place at the height of summer isn’t most people’s idea of fun, so having an alternative can get you out of a sticky situation. in addition to this, if you are travelling abroad, investing in some European breakdown cover can be a saviour if your car overheats and you’re left stranded.

Block out the sun
Investing in a wind shield reflector can also prevent your car from heating up when you’re parked. It’s a simple foldaway piece of material that’s reflective and slots over your wind shield. Whilst it doesn’t cool your car down completely it prevents it from turning into an oven. In addition to this, you can buy mesh sunshades which fit on the passenger windows and can be used to protect babies and children from the sun.

Think of your passengers
Equipping your passengers with spray bottles and a supply of water can help keep squabbles at bay. Spray bottles can be picked up for less than £1 in most garden supply shops, and can be fun for kids to use too. Some spray bottles also come with fans equipped that can also help keep the temperature of your car down. Just remember to bring some batteries and make regular stops to keep everyone happy.

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