All new cars are expected to be connected to the internet by 2014

Date posted: August 22, 2013

As the internet becomes an everyday feature of our lives, it makes sense that it will be integrated into another huge every day feature of our lives: the humble car. Currently, internet connectivity in cars seems like an extravagance, only reserved for luxury vehicles, but according to information company HIS all the big car manufacturers will offer some sort of internet connection by 2014.

And according to Machina Research, 20 percent of the cost of a vehicle will be spent on its connectivity by the year 2020.

Connecting your car to the internet provides endless opportunities for drivers, like helping you find a parking space, working out the quickest driving route, popping up a voucher for a nearby restaurant and or simply providing a sensor for nearby vehicles, and it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a standard feature in cars.

However, this connectivity is a cause for concern by critics who say it may be more of a distraction and cause accidents.  John Ellis, global technologist for connected services and solutions at Ford, said at a CES 2013 discussion: “You could get caught up in your experience and forget that you’re driving. Better, faster cheaper is what consumers want – but with safety.”

The European Union has addressed this possibility by making it mandatory by 2015 to equip cars with sensors that automatically call the emergency services if there’s an accident. However, with all new cars predicted to be connected to the internet by 2014, will this just be a small feature of what your car will be able to do?

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