The Top Apps for Petrol Prices

Date posted: October 14, 2013

Petrol prices have increased drastically over the years and can be one of the most expensive things about running a car. Knowing where to find the cheapest rate of petrol isn’t always a given, especially if you’re driving in an unfamiliar location, so the following handy apps can help you save money when the fuel gauge reads empty.

Many petrol stations and supermarkets feature the ability to check prices on their own apps, but these apps featured below compare prices across the board, all in one place.

PetrolPrices Pro, £2.99 per year

The PetrolPrices website lets you type in your postcode or location, and will display the cheapest and most expensive petrol prices near you. This app uses the technology behind the website to display petrol prices near your current location and has a database of over 11,000 petrol stations in the UK.

The data is updated every day, however the annual subscription may be off-putting for those who aren’t regular drivers, but you will certainly get it back in no time with the savings that are to be had.

Fuel Smart UK, 59p

A cheap app that relies on user input for up-to-date petrol prices. The prices displayed are colour-coded meaning it’s easy to see what prices have been most recently updated, and uses the data from to update itself.

Not as reliable as PetrolPrices Pro, the interface is user-friendly, simple to use and displays results on Google Maps. Considering you have to part with your cash to use it, it’s probably worth investing the extra £2.40 for the more accurate PetrolPrices app.

WhatGas Petrol Prices, Free

This app covers a plethora of European countries including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Portugal and beyond. Certainly the most popular user-run app, you can help others by updating the prices of petrol stations, and it covers all the major brands.

The app conveniently displays the nearest petrol stations to your location on a map, and also displays them as a list so you can easily see the prices of petrol, or your chosen fuel.

The app is free, but you can pay for the Pro version which has enhanced features including planning a route to your selected petrol station, and filters for brands of petrol and particular fuels.

Waze, Free

Primarily a sat nav app, Waze is community-run and has a number of features that regular run-of-the-mill sat nav apps don’t have. Users are encouraged to input petrol prices as they spot them, which help the app work out the cheapest petrol station on your journey.

While it’s not as accurate as PetrolPrices Pro or WhatGas, it has some other cool features, including seeing where your Facebook friends are, and being able to send an automatic update to your friend to notify them of your ETA. It’s a nice all-rounder app, and considering it’s free, it’s a nice one to use in conjunction with the other apps, as if you update the prices in-app you’ll earn points on your profile, which adds a competitive edge to using Waze.

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