Winter Driving Tips

Date posted: October 28, 2013

Winter can be a treacherous time for driving on Britain’s roads, and during this time road conditions change, there’s less natural light hours during the day and the weather becomes more extreme.

This can make driving a daunting task, but if you prepare yourself, know what to expect and drive safe you can survive through the winter.

Be prepared

Before you set out it’s always good to give your car a once-over. Make sure your lights work, your tyres are pumped up and still have a good tread depth, your battery is charged, and your oil and fluids are topped up.

It’s always good to have a few emergency supplies in your car too. A first aid kit, a torch and a warm blanket can all be life-savers if you’re ever stranded in your vehicle.

Driving in snow

If you’re driving in snow or on ice, make sure you reduce your speed, even if this means travelling much slower than the speed limit. Stay in a low gear, use your brakes gently and leave plenty of room between you can the car in front, which can often be ten times the usual distance.

You should also consider cutting out any back-street journeys and stick to the main roads which will have been pre-emptively gritted. It may be more traffic-filled but will be less hassle than trying to negotiate snow-filled roads.

Driving in fog

This is the most dangerous weather condition and can easily cause accidents if you drive without due care and attention. Drive slowly, keep your distance, and make sure you use your headlights and fog lights.

Most importantly, if you ever get stranded, don’t panic! Call the emergency services, stay with your vehicle, and wait for help to come.

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